Project Activities are divided in 5 WPs strictly interconnected and structured in a logical order. WP0 and WP4 covers the entire project period, while each other WP is preparatory to the next one, with the progressive involvement of the beneficiaries in the following main activities:

WP1: Start up EU-ROADMAP Guidance Desk

Training of the guidance desk personnel: a two days course to train the staff that will be work at the Guidance Desk in each partner country.

Guidance desk methodology: tools and methodologies developed by the partnership in previous project will be shared, unified and adapted as a unique methodology to deal with the beneficiaries of the guidance desk

Mapping of relevant working areas: through a common survey every partner will map the relevant areas in terms of possibilities of access to work for migrants in each partner country/region

WP2: EU-ROADMAP Guidance Desk

EU-ROADMAP Guidance Desk: a Guidance Desk will be implemented in each country for 15 months for 12 hours a week to provide Skill Assessment and useful information on the local labour market

Workshops on Active European Citizenship: 3 in each country, to promote the concept of European citizenship among the target group

EU-ROADMAP Database: implementation and improvement of databases of companies interested in the project or available for job insertion of the beneficiaries

Seminars on active Job Search: 3 in each country, to reinforce or build beneficiary competences to support their job search

WP3: Vocational and entrepreneurs pathway

Vocational training: 4 courses (32 hours) in every country will cover vocational language and professional training

EU-ROADMAP Job shadowing: at least 30 beneficiaries per country will be accompanied for a brief experience (2 days) in local enterprises, to observe the working processes

EU-ROADMAP Start Up Workshops: targeted to those persons who during the Skill Assessment show entrepreneurial skills and competencies in the sector where they want to set up a Business (16 hours duration for 10 participants in each country)