Kick off meeting | Florence – 23-24 January 2017

The official start date of the EU-ROADMAP project was January 1st , 2017. The kick off meeting was held on 23-24 January 2017 in Florence.

All the partners participated actively to the definition of the project implementation through the planning of the main tasks and deadlines for the activities of each Work Package.

After a presentation of the meeting participants and a discussion about the main objectives and expected results, partners provided a presentation and an overview of their relevant projects in the field, since one of the main objective of the EU-ROADMAP project consists in sharing the best practices in terms of guidance and job integration of migrants and refugees.

During the two days meeting partners agreed on:

  • the main tasks and deadlines for the general management and coordination of the project (Work Package 0)
  • the planning of the dates of the Training of the Guidance Desk Personnel, one of the main activities within the Work Package 1 (Start up of the EU-ROADMAP Guidance Desk)
  • the organization of the Guidance Desk and in particular the planning of the structure, the contents and the tools that will be used
  • the planning ot the main activities for the implementation of the Work Package 2 and Work Package 3 that will be lead by Bridges Programme and Jugend Am Werk, respectively.
  • the promotion and dissemination activities (Work Package 4)

The partners decided to establish a Steering Committee, that consists of all the project managers and it is chiared by the coordinator. The committee will meet at the end of each project meeting for general coordination and monitoring of the project process.

The next project meeting will be held on 7- 8th September 2017 in Thessaloniki.