The third project meeting was held on 26-27 April in Glsgow. Partner organisation Bridges Programme hosted the meeting.

Project coordinator introduced the meeting giving an overview of the state of art of the project, its results and impact produced through the first year of activity.

Each partner presented quantitaive and qualitative data concerning the implementation of WP2: Guidance Desk beneficiaries and activities carried out, Job Active Search Seminars and European Active Citizenship Workshop.

The results are very good and all the partnership will probably overcome the indicators foreseen in the project.

Project manager of Jugen Am Werk, WP3 leading partner, illustrated the Vocational Training Methodology document and gave details about the approach, tools and methodologies to be used for the implementation of the foreseen activities: Vocational training courses, Job Shadowing Activities and Start Up Workshops.

During the two days meeting partnership discussed and planned the last semester activities:

  • continuation of Guidance Desk activities, Workshops and Seminars
  • implementation of WP3 activities in each country
  • contents and draft structure of main promotion and dissemination events: Job Fairs and OST events
  • final conference and final meeting organisation
  • financial and quality management

At the end of the meeting a project manager/coordinator for each partner participated to the Steering Committee meeting for general coordination and monitoring of the project process.