The second project meeting was held on 7-8 September in Thessaloniki. Partner organisation ARSIS hosted the meeting.

After an overview of the main products and results achieved during the first semester of the project, the partnership planned the activities to be implemented.

Bridges Programme, as leader of the Work Package 2, presented the lesson plan structure and methodology that will be adopted for the Active Job Search Seminars (activity 2.3) and the European Active Citizenship Workshops (activity 2.3).

A great work has been carried by the WP2 leader in collecting best practices, tools and methodologies already used by the partners and in defining clear and detailed lesson plans for both the activities.

In order to define the tasks and deadlines for the next semester partners discussed about:

  • the general and financial management of the project (Work Package 0)
  • the quality management and the evaluation products elaborated by the External Evaluator (Evaluation Strategy Document and Evaluation of Training of Guidance Desk Personnel)
  • the planning of the activities foreseen by WP2 in each country
  • the guidelines for the development of the document foreseen by WP3:
  • the promotion and dissemination activities (Work Package 4)

At the end of the meeting a project manager/coordinator for each partner participated to the Steering Committee meeting for general coordination and monitoring of the project process.